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50 Shades of Planning: Episode 124 – Efficiency Savings


The latest episode of 50 Shades of Planning, brought to you in partnership with Cratus Group, is available to listen now.

Back in February Joey Gardiner penned a special report for Planning Magazine entitled ‘how cost-saving consultants disrupted council planning services’.

To explore this issue further Sam Stafford invited four of the people quoted in Joey’s article to expand upon their experiences with him. They are old friends of the podcast Mike KielyGilian MacInnes and Paul Barnard, and new friend of the podcast Peter Ford.

This conversation covers the pressures that Local Planning Authorities have been and are under; why the nature of planning services do not lend it to whole-authority service transformations; and the impact of such upheavals. The group also talk about whether there are too planning teams and whether Chief Planning Officers could and should be at the top decision-making table.

50 Shades of Planning is the podcast by planners and for planners, so if you would like to use it as a platform for sharing anything that you think we need to be talking about then do please feel free to get in touch with Sam at [email protected].


Cratus Group partners with 50 Shades of Planning podcats series