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A Collaborative Event: a Consultation and a Community day


By Morven Rushworth

For the past two months Cratus Communities has been working towards a Community Day event for the Kingsgrove development with St. Modwen, which was a resounding success on 24th September.

The day itself had the vision of bringing together the residents of the Kingsgrove development to continue building on the community making process where there is a high influx of incoming residents. At the same time, the consultation process is still ongoing for the development, specifically in terms of the community buildings. The Community Day therefore became a balancing act, ensuring that the enjoyment of the day through fun activities and community stalls remained but allowed the space for a Community Hub consultation to take place and gather the feedback to shape the future of the development.

A map of the event was produced to ensure that visitors to the day would visit the activity and community group based stalls, creating a flow of people to pass by where consultation boards were hung along the fencing of the public square. Bringing together both a community engagement activity and a planning consultation produced an event that combined the target audiences of both, while also producing a productive outcome for Cratus in both consultation feedback and a positive community impact.

This is just one of the creative ways that we are maximising engagement in our public consultations at Cratus.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with Gemma Gallant, Managing Director of Communities and People.

A Collaborative Event: a Consultation and a Community day