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Birmingham – The Challenge


Cratus Executive Director (Advisory, Public Affairs and PR) Sean Anstee was pleased to be joined by Chris Naylor, Interim Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council, Ian MacLeod, Director for Inclusion Growth at Birmingham City Council, Nathan Cornish, Director at Urban Splash, and Gerald Sweeny, Managing Director of CarneySweeney, to discuss all things Birmingham.

Chris kicked off the discussion by focusing on the up and coming opportunities in Birmingham, including HS2 and the Commonwealth Games. The panel then went on to share their views on key issues such as modern methods of construction (MMC), the West Midlands Combined Authority, and arts and culture in the city.

As expected in the current climate, the panel also covered the impact that Covid-19 was having on Birmingham, as well as identifying the key opportunities for regeneration across the city.

Birmingham - The Challenge