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Building safety: protecting your reputation


Michael Gove recently gave housebuilders and developers six weeks to agree to an additional £2 billion building safety remediation package for tall buildings or face a raft of penalties.

At Cratus, we are experts in working with developers and house builders to implement communications strategies and we support our clients with strategic communications to reinforce a strong effective relationship with the government as well as with local communities.

We have experience of delivery and have worn the t-shirt on the ground.

In Birmingham, we represented a client on a 1,700 home regeneration project, protecting their reputation throughout sensitive cladding replacement works.

The Cratus Communities team acted as community liaison officers for the project, providing the local community with a single point of contact and always responding to the numerous enquiries received within 24 hours.

Residents’ communications were written carefully in plain English, ensuring that all of the language was easy for everyone to understand, with information shared in a variety of ways so that everyone was informed and had the opportunity to be involved.

We built strong and effective working relationships with the project team, contractors and the management company, ensuring that we were able to communicate proactively and respond to queries quickly while always remaining ‘on-message’.

This collaborative approach along with our 24-hour response time meant that we tackled any issues head-on, giving the residents no need to escalate issues through councillors, the media or indeed other avenues within their organisation.

For those taking direct action on cladding – removing and replacing as needed – we can help you address the challenges. Our teams can help you engage with councils and residents to make the process as smooth as possible.

If you would like our industry experts to support you in the delivery of this new policy, contact our Managing Director of Communities and People  Gemma Gallant.

Building safety: protecting your reputation