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Business continuity in an age of Coronavirus: How we can help


Like many of you will be doing, we have been putting together our plans for continuing work as the Coronavirus causes more and more disruption.

Another point on which I am sure we share common ground is that we cannot simply let everything grind to a halt until this is over.

Preparing ourselves for every known eventuality has been time consuming.  As a small business, we are not afforded the luxury of ready made systems. Our team has trialled different systems and in a short turnaround enabled us to be prepared as we can be for the ongoing disruption.  

We are aware that other companies of our size may not have had the opportunity to have a head start on this process, and may feel caught out. With this in mind we wanted to let you know that if you are struggling for capacity in preparing for a lot more work online, we’re here to help. Although by no means IT experts, we have enough knowledge to help get you started.

The key thing in our eyes is that people can carry on with their businesses. We are all in the same boat and want to extend a helping hand to you if you need it. 

If you would like to hear more about how we can help, and the interfaces we have implemented, please do get in touch with us via social media or email [email protected] and we will talk about how we can help.