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Cratus recently completed a communications review for a South West local authority with a population of more than 200k residents. They engaged us having recognised the following factors:

  • They were experiencing challenges with their external communications and reputation management.
  • They were missing opportunities for positive media coverage and communicating key messages.
  • There was a lack of clarity internally when it came to understanding the role of the communications function.
  • They wanted a more proactive approach to corporate communications, aligned key messages and an improved strategic plan.

The result

  • A clearer understanding of the internal issues creating a lack of effective delivery.
  • The willingness of local and regional media and external partners to collaborate further and deepen relationships, opening a host of opportunities for positive profile raising.
  • Clarification on the limitations in the skillset of the communications team and recommendations on how to address these.
    Details on how to develop a logical process of improvement including setting a strategy and plan, upskilling and further training to improve on highlighted areas of weakness.
  • A detailed list of suggestions for workshops, training and day-to-day activities to improve the output of the communications function.
  • The opportunity to work with Cratus further on implementation.

Testimonial from North Somerset Council:

“Cratus provided a professional overview of the role of our communications function and delivered a comprehensive assessment of our existing activities, making recommendations for improvement that covered all aspects of our needs. Their findings were clear and concise including all the elements needed for a thriving communications function – from overarching strategy right down to creative ideas, detailed recommendations based on best practice and suggestions for effective implementation.”

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