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Climate Emergency 2020 – Beyond the Declaration


On the 29th July, we held our first Climate Change focused webinar, in association with Mark Jenkinson from Crystal Associates and Professor Peter Sharratt from Fhoras.

Hosted by Sean Anstee, Cratus Executive Director for Public Affairs, PR, and Advisory, the event featured an expert panel, including Dyan Jones, Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency at South Lakeland District Council, James Birch, Managing Director for Local Highways and Sustainability Lead at Kier, and Jason Torrance, Policy Director at UK100.

Centered around the key issues impacting on local authorities who have declared a Climate Emergency or are preparing to, the panel shared insight and best practice about how local authorities and partners can work together to tackle climate change.

If you missed out on this webinar, you can view the full recording below.

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Climate Emergency 2020 – Beyond the Declaration