Climate Emergency Reviews, Coaching and Advice

Climate Emergency Reviews, Coaching and Advice

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Climate Emergency Reviews, Coaching and Advice

The early adopters of Climate and Ecological Emergency Declarations are three years into their journey, with clear action plans and timelines for the key tasks ahead. 

Cratus have been highlighting their work in a series of webinars and will continue to collaborate with them to inspire other councils to progress their plans, to encourage dialogue between local authority leaders to overcome concerns and share good practice and to present providers that can deliver on the sustainability agenda for communities.

Cratus is now offering further support to Local Authorities Leaders and Chief Executives, working with leading Climate Emergency experts, to provide the following services:

Climate Change Review – based on the peer review model, our reviews are a hybrid of the Peer Reviews with Local Government representatives and experts in Climate change and Sustainability to review your plans and give confidential advice and guidance on how you are progressing, provide advice on how to improve, develop and encourage you to take further action. Where Environmental NGOs may offer this service, our experts reconcile the wider political sensitivities and all advice remains confidential to the local authorities we review.

Our comprehensive review will cover:

  • Structure of the Climate Change officer Team
  • Review of the Climate Emergency strategy
  • Processes and resources within the Council support your Strategy
  • Review of member engagement in the delivery of the Strategy
  • How Members engage with the Strategy
  • The Council’s reputation and delivery performance
  • Public engagement and satisfaction with the Council’s Strategy
  • Staff satisfaction levels and engagement

Climate Change Coaching for Elected Members – The role of the member in delivering on the Climate Emergency declarations is often unclear or uncomfortable for many members. Officers need buy-in from all members for their work to be remotely achievable. Every aspect of the Local Authority will need to review their ways of working and how they can contribute to a Net Zero agenda. Without the members’ support authorities will struggle. Through workshops, run by elected members, we seek to answer the questions, give practical guidelines on how members can provide leadership to officers and their communities.

Coaching for Scrutiny panel members and Portfolio holders is available to enable members to feel comfortable with the language of climate change and help members with jargon and provide a more in depth understanding of the issues.

Free Monthly Briefing and Networking Meeting for Elected Members and Officers with Climate Change responsibility. These meetings will be held in London and Manchester and provide members and officers with the opportunity to network and meet highly respected guest speakers from the world of Climate Change Research and highly regarded practitioners.  All Local Authorities can send delegates at no costs when you agree to update the Cratus Climate Directory with information of your latest policies, achievements, political and delivery focus and forward plan to help keep our database up to date for your use as well as our private clients benefit.

For further information please contact Vikki Slade, Director of Strategic Advice on Sustainability and Climate Emergency Communications or Charlotte Platten, Advisory Programme Manager.

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