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Cratus Achieves 94% success for clients in 2015


The Cratus team enjoyed a very successful year for clients in 2015 with a superb record of 94% of committees voting to approve our projects.

Ben Sherreard, Executive Director of Cratus Planning said:

I am very proud of our record of success for our clients. I believe very strongly that the approach we take to projects leads to a higher chance of success and the results we enjoyed last year bear this out.

The team here have worked extremely hard all year to deliver for our clients. I am looking forward to building on the success of last year and achieving more positive results in 2016.

Nick Kilby, CEO of Cratus said:

Getting the right results for our clients is entire purpose of what we do. In that 94% success is a range of projects of different sizes and shapes. We have succeeded on bespoke, small village sites as well as large regeneration schemes in London.

A constant source of ridicule in the office is that the only small wrinkle in the success was the project for which I was working. However, I would remind everyone that we eventually did get permission for that site a few months later.

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