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Cratus enters (Local Government) Race to Net Zero


Unveiling the first ever database monitoring progress by England’s local authorities in their Race to Zero Carbon, Cratus has launched Cratus 2050, its strategic advice and communications service providing support to Local Public and Private Sector clients as they navigate climate issues. 

Most councils have declared a climate emergency and, post COP26, there is growing public pressure for action on green issues. The need to understand how this impacts the priorities of and policy decisions being taken by local authorities has never been more important for private sector teams working with them. 

During this decreasing timeframe, the private sector now has a one time only opportunity to input and contribute to policy decisions being developed by officers and elected members at a pivotal phase as authorities navigate their own race to Zero Carbon.

To support the launch of this new Net Zero suite of services for private and public sector clients Cratus 2050 incorporates the first ever database that monitors each local authority’s progress, identifies where external opportunities are emerging for the private sector, enables local authorities to identify scope for collaboration with colleagues in other councils working on similar strategies plus provides an ability to benchmark their own progress across the sector.

The wider service will also support private sector clients who want to ensure that their operations align with the environmental ambitions of councils through accessing this important database of council priorities and climate actions.

As well as providing strategic advice to clients, Cratus 2050 will host monthly meetings for Elected Members and Council Officers to showcase councils already innovating on environmental action. These will include those retrofitting homes to eliminate fuel poverty and others generating renewable energy on their own land and buildings. 

Everything will be shared through live and virtual events to bring together leaders in local government with those providers that can help them achieve their goals.

Director of Strategic Advice on Sustainability and Climate Emergency Communications, Vikki Slade explained “Over 300 councils have made a climate emergency declaration, with most of them having committed to reaching net zero in their operations by 2030 and this is leading to a rapid shift in focus. Government policy such as the recently enacted Environment Act also brings forward changes that will impact on local authorities.  Many of our clients will have to change how they approach councils through tender applications and planning applications and Cratus 2050 can support them in navigating what is already a complex situation”

Entering the race to zero commits Cratus as a company to reviewing our own policies so that the organisation reduces its own emissions by 50% by the end of the decade.

CEO Nick Kilby added “We owe it to the next generation to reduce our impact on the planet and as a company we are committed to making our contribution. Although the crisis is global, decisions need to be taken at a local level to make a difference and at Cratus we are specialists in working through local authorities to improve community outcomes.”

The Cratus 2050 team is led by former council leader Vikki Slade, who also sits on the Local Government Association Board responsible for Climate Issues. Within Cratus, her role straddles and informs the existing, established planning, communities and public affairs teams. 

To find out more about Cratus 2050 please visit this link 

Cratus enters (Local Government) Race to Net Zero