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Cratus helps spread the word about “Web of the Week”


Guy Vellacott is one of a rare breed – a young, caring entrepreneur who listens to his Grandmother!

At the beginning of the lockdown, Guy’s granny told him of her disappointment at missing Andrea Bocelli’s Easter concert which had been live streamed on YouTube.  

Realising that there was a gap in the market and faced with a sudden reduction in their own workloads, Guy (26) and his father decided to try to come up with a way to signpost interesting and uplifting items from the internet to people who are not experienced at using computers and the internet.

After going down several blind alleys (Liftofftips, Elderbook and Webalife being just a few of the dot coms that now languish in their cupboard), the first edition of “Web of the Week” was published on 17th May.

Every Sunday since then “WoW” ( has published 10 things that people can watch, do or follow during the following week, with Guy helping people through the process with a mix of video tutorials and live Zoom workshops.

So far over 3,000 visitors have enjoyed subjects such as inspirational teachers, Susan Boyle’s first audition, how to play various online games, what Ancient Rome might have looked like, and how people can access help if they need it.

Guy and his father are currently converting Web of the Week into a Community Interest Company with the specific aim of helping the 75+ age group feel more confident and secure in using the internet.

“We have been bowled over by the support and encouragement we have received over the past three months”, says Guy.

“One thing that has become clear is that we can’t expect senior citizens to learn a new language and processes – we need to be the ones to adapt to make it easy for them.”

Cratus is delighted to help, on a pro bono basis, with some local engagement for Web of the Week, which we believe gives people something positive to think about, look forward to, and share with friends and family.