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Cratus publishes post-election guide


Cratus has put together the definitive guide to the post-election landscape, focused on planning, housing and local government.

Our Post-Election Guide sets out the key implications arising from the 2015 general and local elections: detailing the relevant policies which the new Conservative Government will be implementing, along with information on the changes in local authorities across England. It also looks at the ministerial appointments made since the election.

If you would like a copy of Cratus’s Post-Election Guide, please contact David Pugh (Director – Insight and Public Policy). The comprehensive guide indicates the political situation in each of the 279 local authorities which held elections on 7th May – ranging from the 243 which now have a majority with one party / group, to the 36 which have no such majority in place.

  • Conservatives now have majority control in 163 of these local authorities (129 no change; 34 gained; 2 lost);
  • Labour now have majority control in 74 of these local authorities (71 no change; 3 gained; 6 lost);
  • Lib Dems are left with majority control in just 4 councils (4 no change; 4 lost); and UKIP gain their first local authority.
  • Epsom & Ewell (Surrey) continues with councillors from Residents’ Associations in charge.
  • Out of the 36 local authorities with no overall majority, many of them have either the Conservatives or Labour taking on the leadership (with a minority of councillors); whereas elsewhere they are forming coalitions with the Lib Dems and others.

Whilst the briefing provides an overview of the post-election situation, each council operates within a unique set of local political circumstances and factors. Cratus continues to advise its clients about how to effectively navigate the evolving political and community landscape in relation to individual local authorities, on issues ranging from local public services to planning.

If you have an interest in a particular council, please get in touch to discuss how we could support you in engaging with them.

If you would like additional information about the outcome of the elections in relation to a individual local authority — and the changes / implications arising from these — please also contact Cratus.

You can also read Sir Merrick Cockell’s article analysing the outcome of this year’s election.

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