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Cratus secures controversial planning permission


Councillors on Brent Council’s Planning Committee voted unanimously in favour of a scheme to demolish a single large dwelling and build six new homes in its place.

Cratus were instructed on the scheme following its extremely controversial history and they worked closely on the project with the client, Crosier Properties, and the planning and architecture consultant PAD. Previous attempts to secure planning permission received enormous objection from local residents and had subsequently failed.

Cratus focused on differentiating the new application from old, unsuccessful, unpopular applications and received significantly less opposition to the scheme and even some support from the local community.

Each member of the Planning Committee received a thorough briefing document from Cratus detailing the key points of the proposals and the positive feedback from the local residents. The Members of London Borough of Brent’s Planning Committee voted unanimously in favour of the scheme.

Sohail Sarbuland of Crossier Properties said;

“I am really very pleased with this result, to get planning permission despite such a negative history on the site. Cratus did a great job with the consultation and political support and I am delighted to have them on my side.”

If you have a planning application on a site that has experienced difficulties getting planning approval then contact Nick Kilby at Cratus on 020 8546 9374.

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