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Cratus Secures New funding


Cratus Group Limited, the owners of Cratus Communications Limited, Middlemarch Communications Limited and design agency Rubber Duckiee Limited has successfully completed a restructuring of its finances, raising new money for the first time in its 6 year history.

The Group has three subsidiaries and is now looking forward to putting into place its expansion plans.

Nick Kilby CEO of Cratus Group Limited said:

When we started in 2009, we were at the depths of a recession and the financial markets had no time for start-ups. Having established not one but three companies and with no external funding, we can now look to grow all three brands in the coming year. It is a credit to our management teams that we have achieved so much with so little and expectations for the future are high

Sir Merrick Cockell, Executive Chairman of Cratus Communications Limited said:

Since I joined, 18 months ago, we have been focused on our plan to make Cratus a leading voice in the world of local government and public services. I am delighted by the news from the parent company allowing us now to move on to the next stage of our plans. As Government decentralises powers and responsibilities to Combined Authorities, so the private sector will see they need our services to make the most of the new opportunities. “Our World is Local” and we provide the navigation and translation through rapidly changing local public services.

The Cratus Group

Cratus Communications Limited

Cratus is the consultancy for all things local. With devolution of powers to local government and new structures, the opportunities are greater than ever before. We translate local needs and aspiration for our clients who are seeking to engage with the changing political and community landscape outside the Westminster bubble.

Sir Merrick Cockell, former Chairman of the LGA, chairs the board with Chris Roberts (Former Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich) as deputy Chairman and Robert Neill (Former Local Government Minister) as a non-executive director. Clients include Crest Nicholson Plc, Carillion Plc, Lend Lease and Candy & Candy.

Middlemarch Communications Limited

Specialise in community and political engagement in support of planning applications and renewable energy projects in provincial cities and more rural areas. They also use their extensive knowledge and expertise to assist with specific campaigns, particularly the development and rejuvenation of sites in our rural and coastal communities.

West Country based with a growing portfolio of clients working in Renewables and Development in the Rural and Coastal locations in the UK.

Rubber Duckiee Limited

Rubber Duckiee delivers material that help their clients build stronger relationships with their customers, partners and within their company. By providing high quality, cost effective solutions Rubber Duckiee gives their customers the winning edge in; branding, web design, print, exhibition, creative, exhibition services, branding, marketing and packaging.

They consistently provide their clients with new and creative ideas, helping get the best results. By taking their time to get to know their clients, Rubber Duckiee can understand their objectives and create the right solution for their needs.

James Pirret, leads the team and proudly working with customers ranging from EDF Energy to leading house builders providing high quality Websites, on-line marketing tools and graphic design.

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