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Cratus Sets up Council Coronavirus Hotline


Cratus Communications has set up a dedicated service for Council Leaders and Chief Executives to help them through the Covid-19 crisis.

In a letter to local authorities, the Cratus Chief Executive Nick Kilby, has told how local government will be at the forefront of steering communities through the emerging health emergency and guiding them to economic recovery.

The special hotline number has been set up as a sounding board for advice for both Leaders and Chief Executives and as a means of keeping communications with other parties open throughout the health crisis.

The number will allow them to discuss issues they are facing with the Cratus team of local government experts – many of whom have held leadership positions in local authorities.

Nick Kilby said:

“There is no doubt local government is, and will be, at the forefront of the present crisis and they will play a significant role in guiding their residents through the emergency.

Already a huge amount of work is going on to ensure the business of local government continues and residents’ needs are looked after – especially the most vulnerable.

As well as the immediate demands of the crisis it is vital that progress is still made on housing, regeneration, highways and infrastructure schemes to fuel the economic recovery in communities in the months ahead.”

Cratus Communications – whose mission status is – Our world is local – will this week be asking its private sector clients to support local councils by sharing their resources and expertise to assist with any response.

The company – which was established in 2009 – with the aim of creating and improving partnership between local authorities, the private and third sectors has also promised to provide extra engagement capacity to local business communities to understand what is happening in their local economy, its resilience and recovery.

Nick Kilby stressed the importance of the private sector and local government continuing to work together in the coming months. He said:

“Several of our private sector clients have already made it clear they want to continue to engage with local councils. 

Cratus can act as a bridge using our digital capabilities to ensure the conversations continue and decisions can be made in the best interest of local communities.”