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Cratus to support BNTVA in their campaign for recognition


The British Nuclear Test Veterans Association (BNTVA) approached Cratus in 2012 seeking communications and campaign support to help build their recognition campaign. We have worked with them to build a programme of engagement, which engages not only politicians but also members of the public and other stakeholders involved in nuclear and veterans affairs.

Cratus will be working on a number of events this year with the BNTVA including:

  • Art exhibition called “In the Shadow of the Bomb”, which will display work from a number of artists including members of the BNTVA expressing their thoughts through art
  • NAVAD 2013 – this year will be held in Portsmouth
  • BNTVA Annual Conference and AGM – Coventry

We also manage the BNTVA’s social media profile through Twitter and represent them both proactively and re-actively in relations with the media.

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