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Cratus2050 Climate Change Book Challenge


Climate change emergency has become a critical part of decision making by those running our local councils. Many councils are now navigating their environmental strategies to aid the betterment of our climate.

In support of this, Cratus has sent the leader of every local authority a copy of ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster’ by Bill Gates, as part of the launch of Cratus 2050, the new service which supports their clients combat climate issues in our local authorities.

Cratus CEO Nick Kilby read the book early last year and took interest as to how incredibly complex issues were simplified in themes and demonstrated the possibilities of us all to make a difference.

“The book acknowledges that it does not have all the answers, and it recognises that we are all making decisions that are bad for the planet and should take some responsibility; but the key message of this book is about ensuring that humanity thrives, not just exist. It focuses on the problems through themes, and the solutions we already have along with some that we still need to find.”  Nick Kilby

Cratus has included in each book a request to pass the book to someone else in the organisation to spread the word.  There is also a unique QR code in the 350 copies of the book, which links readers to the company’s website where they can share their thoughts and readership in the organisation.

Cratus Director of Strategic Advice on Sustainability, Vikki Slade added “We would love this book to be read not just by leaders but by portfolio holders of Climate Change asset, Chief Executives and anyone who can influence council policy and behaviour. To encourage this, Cratus will donate to a local environmental charity chosen by the council that has shared it most widely by the end of 2022. We thought too about the environmental impact of this project, so the leaflets and envelopes are recycled and use ethical ink, and of course sharing a book is a great message about reusing resources.”

As well as providing climate change strategies, Cratus 2050 will highlight councils that are innovating on environmental action. Activities including the retrofitting of homes to eliminate fuel poverty through generating renewable energy on their land and buildings will be shared through live and virtual events and bring together leaders in local government and providers that can help them achieve their goals.

Cratus has a strong relationship with council leaders across the country and a detailed database of council priorities, therefore, will also support businesses looking to collaborate with councils to ensure their operations align with the environmental ambitions of the local communities.

Nick Kilby explained that “We owe it to the next generation to reduce our environmental footprint, and as a company, we are committed to making our contribution. Although the crisis is global, decisions need to be taken at a local level to be effective. At Cratus we are specialists in working with local authorities to improve communities and what better way than by asking every council leader to read this book”

The team is led by former council leader Vikki Slade, who also sits on the Local Government Association Board responsible for Climate Issues and straddles the planning and public affairs teams. More information about Cratus can be found on the website, where you can also watch the ‘What Has The Environment Ever Done For Us’ webinar series

Cratus2050 Climate Change Book Challenge