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Design Code Workshops with Steve Quartermain and Andy von Bradsky

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Former Chief Planner Steve Quartermain and Andy von Bradsky former Head of Architecture at DLUHC, led the work which saw the Government endorse the National Design Guidance and the National Model Design Code.

The Government expects all planning authorities to create better and beautiful places by using the guidance and codes and this workshop will help unpack what this means for you in your plan making and decision making.


The latest revision of the National Planning Policy Framework, published in 2021, places more emphasis on design quality and includes a policy requirement for all planning authorities to produce a design guide or code. The supporting guidance, the National Design Guide (NDG) and the National Model Design Code (NMDC), set out the Government’s view on good design and the process for producing and the content of design codes and guides. A testing programme has concluded, and a second round of pilots will be launched. There has been an enthusiastic response from local planning authorities keen to raise the quality of design for new development in their area so that it reflects community aspirations and enhances rather than diminishes local character.

What to Expect

Tailored to meet your needs the workshops will help:

  • Members to understand the role and purpose of the NMDC
  • Officers to understand how to use the codes and the skills and resources you need
  • Councils to understand how to engage with communities

Full day training with two bespoke briefing sessions and a workshop to illustrate the briefing. Available either for individual authorities or for groups.

All sessions will be eligible for CPD accreditation.


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