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Election 2024

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General Election 2024 Coverage

Rishi Sunak’s has made the decision to call a General Election on the 4th July 2024.

Parliament has been dissolved and the campaigns are in full swing with the Conservatives trailing the Labour Party across all opinion polls. Government activity is restricted during the campaign, in what is known as the ‘pre-election period’ (previously known as purdah). This is to ensure public money is not used to support the campaign of the party in power, and to maintain the impartiality of the civil service.

Over the next few weeks, Cratus Group will provide the latest insights and intelligence from the political front line looking at the main parties candidate selection process, their political priorities and vision for the country as their manifestos are published, while also looking towards the scheduled televised debates and the impact they could have on voters.


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Election 2024

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