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Watch: Episode 11 – The Local Government View


Now that the Cratus/Stantec teams are back from Glasgow and the ink is dry on the COP26 Agreement, we are reflecting on the second week of the conference and looking at how Local Government fits in.

With responsibility or influence on around 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions, how does the UK Government work with their local government equivalents, and what can they learn from how they operate?

In this episode we are joined by Cllr David Renard, Leader of Swindon Council and Chair of the LGA’s Economy, Environment, Housing and Transport Board to ask what they achieved not just for our councils but for local government around the world through their intervention in Glasgow and how councils can lead change in communities.

Also on the panel this month is Francesca Prestinoni who will update us on the best of the second week at COP26 and we will be looking at the climate related headlines since COP26 and who is in line for this month’s environmental heroes and hypocrites.

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