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Watch: Episode 12 – Sustainable Food


Some People Live to Eat but we ALL Eat to Live!

If there is one thing that we can all agree on is the importance of food. Of course, none of us can agree on a favourite, how best to prepare it or even what we call some of the staples in our diets but meet someone new and you can always strike up a conversation related to food.

It is also generally agreed that our diets have changed. I am thrilled that I don’t have to eat ‘meat and two veg’ boiled to a tasteless pulp on a weekday, and I love the fact that ham no longer comes out of a tin surrounded by jelly as it did in the 1970s but the idea that cucumbers no longer grow in soil but hanging in a greenhouse attached to an agricultural version of a drip, or the prospect of meat grown in a petri dish fill me with dread.

The future of farming and food production has already been affected in other parts of the world but what about here in the UK? Our guest for the Food Episode of What Has The Environment Ever Done For Us is Patrick Holden from the Sustainable Food Trust. He shares his thoughts about how we can protect our soil, adapt our diet, and improve the biodiversity of our farms and communities.

We also discuss whether we need to move to a plant-based diet, as the popularity of Veganuary increases and fast-food restaurants develop meat free versions of classic burgers & coffee chains ditch milk for dairy-free alternatives and whether hyper local initiatives like urban gardens, domestic beehives and balcony-growing can make a meaningful difference and how town planning can support these changes.

As corporations shift their investments towards eco-friendly projects, and councils fund projects that help them achieve their Net Zero goals, Cratus and Stantec talk to leaders across different sectors to help us all be the difference. All episodes can be found at our You Tube Channel or via the Cratus Website where you can read more about Cratus 2050 and how we can help bring your climate plan to life and help win more business.

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