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Strategic sector support, member development and growth management

Our Commitment to Local Government

We are passionate about improving the public sector. By enabling politicians and officers to become high performing teams, we can help you deliver the political manifesto of the ruling party, supported by robust scrutiny and good governance.

Our team is made up of experienced advisors including former council officers and civic leaders from across the political spectrum, senior civil servants including the former Chief Planner, and communication specialists from the private sector. They bring a wealth of experience to help council leaders and chief executives build high performing teams and deliver outstanding public services.

We are not management consultants in a conventional sense. We will not only support you to improve performance but also help you to deliver political decisions through the democratic process and improve the way that you communicate these to your communities.

A key part of improving performance is effective and disciplined relationships between officers and members. A fundamental strand to our support, we will help you to improve these relationships and enhance the democratic procedures that underpin good policy and decision making.

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Our associates work as part of a wider team on specific projects or they can also be engaged to support clients who need expert support on a more focused and one to one basis. They are experts in their own field and their world is local like ours. They come from wide range professional backgrounds, some from local government with distinguished careers and others who have spent a lifetime in Industry, engineering, public and private sector and Journalism.

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Sector Support

The role of members and officers is distinct but vital. We offer support across a wide range of sectors to nurture and develop high performing relationships between officers and members.

Creating a vision

We can work with you to create an ambitious and innovative vision for your council.

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