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Cratus 2050 - The Climate Emergency

Cratus joined the Race to Zero SME Climate Hub in early 2021 and understands that every organisation needs to undertake change at every level if we are going to move the dial to reach Net Zero – from everyday purchasing decisions to strategic plans. 

There is now no doubt that the planet is warming, and that human activity is causing climate change. As Governments debate the global issues, real action needs to happen at a local level. 

Around the world, 2050 has been set as the date by which we all need to achieve Net Zero if we are going to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, and protect society for the future.  Councils and organisations are setting their own target date for reaching this milestone, with 2030 being the short term goal for significant reductions in carbon emissions.  

This is also the date by which major societal changes need to be in place if 2050 is to remain a reality for global change.  For example in the UK this is the deadline set for stopping the sale of petrol and diesel cars, and the target to reverse the decline in nature.

Our Climate Change Services

At Cratus, our world is local and through our Cratus 2050 Team we are now able to support local authorities in delivering their climate plans, to help private sector clients understand the priorities of the local authorities with whom they seek to work and to ensure that our clients own policies meet the greener, more ethical standards of procurement of councils as they adapt.

Our Cratus 2050 team has worked extensively in local government and understands the competing priorities they face as well as the impact of the electoral cycle and public opinion on the decisions that they need to take. They have mapped the priorities of councils around the country, as well as the individuals leading the work within them.  

The team have also built relationships with a wide range of local authorities – from those who are leading the way in reaching Net Zero as well as those taking a more measured approach to reaching this target, both internally and through leading the wider community to a greener future. For our services for Local Authorities please go to our advisory page.

For Our Private Sector Clients

Progressively over the next five years Climate Change will not just be a concern for Local Authorities but for all those who wish to win contracts or gain planning permission from them. 

Your credentials as a Net Zero contributor will become key in your ability to engage and win the support of local politicians and their officers as they seek to encourage and identify partners who can help them achieve their own Carbon reductions.

We know that councils are complex organisations with changing priorities and opaque decision-making processes. Whilst most have declared a climate, or climate and ecological/nature emergency, many are yet to formally publish their plan, or where they have, they are difficult to navigate. 

Cratus is delighted to now offer the following services to help you navigate Climate Emergency policies:

Expertise / Climate Emergency

The Cratus Climate Emergency Database (CCED)

Cratus has mapped the priorities of council across the country, to establish their time frames on issues from retrofitting homes and  transport projects, planning processes and energy generation. We can provide audits of local authorities to help you prepare tenders and ensure that your own policies on sustainability reach the appropriate standards required by councils in this dynamic field.

Access to this database enables us to guide clients to those local authorities that are on the same page and seeking services that match those of our clients.

Climate Emergency
Expertise / Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency Campaigns

Using our unique insight and our database, we can also help with communications campaigns to raise the awareness of the opportunities that our clients offer that  Local Authorities have not yet become aware of.

We are continuing our programme of face to face and virtual events that bring together councils and providers who can fulfil the needs of local authorities as they make the tough decisions ahead on large capital projects or long-term partnerships.

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Expertise / Climate Emergency

Net Zero Communications Review

We know that most companies are developing or have invested significantly in their Net Zero policies, with great progress recorded in recent years. As a business, it is important to communicate these sustainability goals effectively. Are the Local Authorities aware that they can do business with you? What can you offer them as they strive to deliver against their own Net Zero ambitions?

With our experienced team of current and former senior local government figures, we can now provide a Net Zero Communications Review for our private sector clients. We will review your progress to date, assess how much you currently communicate your input, and provide guidance on how you can realise opportunities when engaging with Local Authorities and other public sector organisations.

For further information on all our Climate Emergency services please contact Vikki Slade, Director of Strategic Advice on Sustainability and Climate Emergency Communications.

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