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Building community capacity

Cratus Communities is a specialist team, dedicated to creating strong connections between communities, developers, and local authorities.

Delivering meaningful, integrated engagement services, our specialist team builds long-lasting trust and support amongst communities and key stakeholders.

From the very first consultation, throughout the delivery and community building phases of a development, our bespoke service puts people at the heart of placemaking. It is scalable and adaptable, with no two developments requiring quite the same approach.

We generate innovative ideas and methods for reaching established and new communities as well as ‘hard to hear’ audiences. Our work ensures that as developments near their final delivery phase, strong communities have formed and are able to use their established networks to continue our work and safeguard a sustainable legacy.

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Promoting and delivering large developments

Development can polarise communities, particularly when residents don’t feel listened to or the ‘silent majority’ feel disengaged. That’s why our unique approach to community engagement goes further than our competitors, truly putting people at the heart of placemaking. By facilitating feedback that represents the views of the whole community, rather than a narrow demographic, we can help developers refine their plans, win support, and enhance their reputation.

Effective community engagement doesn’t stop once planning is achieved – delivering a robust strategy is fundamental to the acceptance and integration of a development. Post-consent, our team of engagement specialists will develop a comprehensive communications and engagement strategy, from construction phase through to completion. This includes proactive communication around key development milestones, effective partnership and media engagement, and supporting new residents to integrate with the existing community.

Having achieved demonstrable success for some of the UK’s leading developers, our unique approach to engagement adds value to garden towns and villages, brownfield and greenfield schemes, and urban extensions and town centre regeneration initiatives. 

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Supporting successful estate regeneration

Existing residents face considerable disruption and stress when regeneration is proposed, and it is vital that they feel confident in the ability of the council and developer to act in their best interest at every opportunity, and that they develop the skills and knowledge to be able to self-advocate. 

Through effective and considered communications, we help to capture authentic and truly representative community feedback to inform the plans and processes for estate regeneration initiatives. 

Drawing on a wealth of experience, we build relationships with key stakeholders and the community to provide confidence in the regeneration proposals and are on-hand to support the community throughout the masterplanning and construction phases as well. 

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Expertise / Communities

Delivering targeted engagement strategies

As experts in engagement, Cratus Communities creates engagement strategies that reach members of the community less likely to respond to traditional consultation methods.

We write and deliver these strategies (or provide coaching and mentorship on how to deliver them) for a range of clients with goals ranging from discharging planning conditions to generating a more cohesive community within an established neighbourhood. 

These strategies are also often the starting point for our hands-on community development work, and focus on how we can put people at the heart of placemaking plans. 

By examining the existing community infrastructure and local demographics, understanding the stakeholders and community groups, and recognising them as the experts of their area, our communications and engagement programmes put people at the centre.

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Expertise / Communities

Repurposing our town centres

In an increasingly difficult market, our high streets have stagnated when they should be the centrepiece of our communities. With a clear consensus that our highstreets must evolve to survive, Cratus Communities supports local authorities and developers to roll-out cohesive consultation programmes to inform the repurposing of our town centres. 

From helping to define the project’s scope and proposals through to delivering integrated communications and events, we can maximise and diversify the number of people participating in consultations. This is fundamental in ensuring that local communities truly shape the future of their high street, driving footfall back to the town centre.

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