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Community engagement and placemaking

Our community engagement and placemaking team is a specialist, dedicated team that build community cohesion, creating lasting legacies in the communities they serve.

We create meaningful, integrated engagement services and hyper-local campaigns, that build long-lasting trust and support among communities and key stakeholders.

We work to develop bespoke strategies to engage residents and communities, based on local needs and local identities. Our teams are expert at developing new ideas and methods for reaching established communities, new residents, as well as ‘hard-to-reach’ audiences.

Our work creates social value and helps to foster the development of strong communities that are undergoing change and transformation.

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Community engagement and placemaking

We work with clients to help shape future places, and bring a sense of identity that enhances the sense of belonging for the local community. This work stretches new developments, strategic land developments, and large regeneration schemes.


Estate regeneration
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Drawing on a wealth of experience, our team build meaningful relationships with key stakeholders and the community to provide confidence in the regeneration proposals and are on-hand to support the community throughout the master planning and construction phases as well.

Our team work onsite to help residents understand the benefits of regeneration, and navigate the challenges that come with change.


Local campaigns and mobilisation
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Our teams are expert local campaigners, helping to mobilise support and engage with hard-to-reach communities to ensure that local change is understood and supported by those who it affects most. We work within the communities, and help to create trust and build relationships between developers and the communities that they are investing in.

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