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Built environment communications

If you are a developer and you need tailored planning communications support, then look no further, we can help.

Be it a small site or a major regeneration/new settlement project delivering homes, key infrastructure and long-term employment opportunities, the Cratus planning communications team has the local knowledge and  skills to help deliver for you and your partners.

We advise developers from across the industry throughout their projects. Our experience with housing schemes is unparalleled and we have worked on everything from strategic urban extensions and large scale new settlements through to basement builds and extensions. We are also adept with speciality housing from student accommodation and co-living at one end of the scale to retirement villages and later living communities at the other.

Cratus also has the skills and experience to bring forward bespoke programmes for utilities, logistics, healthcare, retail, leisure, energy and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

Our impact – understanding the language and context of local government and decision-making is key to reducing commercial and political risk and creating the environment for positive planning approvals and beneficial new communities. We look forward to supporting you in navigating the complexities of the planning process.


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Local Plans to Reserved Matters

From advising on site purchases to handing over the house keys, Cratus is able to support our clients in every aspect of communications throughout the planning and construction process.

Our teams across the country have the experience and knowledge to bring forward new settlements and Garden Villages, urban extensions, infills, and individual homes, offices and infrastructure.

With our research functions we can help you to identify the best sites to take forward and understand the political and community context of a potential allocation or application. Working together as part of the team we will develop a clear communications plan which helps our clients to bring forward an allocation or application which brings benefit to them and the community, and which achieves political support.

We also have a strong track record of supporting clients and partners through the post determination process whether it be a legal challenge or implementing the Section 106.

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Delivering Infrastructure

Our team do infrastructure. We have experience of some of the biggest projects in the UK including the second runway at Gatwick, off shore and onshore wind farms, energy from waste facilities, solar farms and more.

We can help you with your Nationally Significant Infrastructure projects under existing rules or help you to work with Government to forge new rules for new NSIP areas.

Our Communities team can also help you to engage with your residents around existing projects and ensure that conversations about re-powering or remediating are well received.

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Expertise / Planning

Public Consultation

Our bespoke engagement processes combine the best of traditional and digital tools to help you engage positively with your communities. We work with you to create a strategy which can help to identify opportunities to make your scheme the best it can be and to protect and enhance your reputation in the process.

Working with our clients we develop a bespoke consultation which suits your project and timetable calling on our expertise in face-to-face engagement, canvassing, exhibitions, workshops and focus groups. We help you to understand the issues, address them and build trust locally, including with the planning authority.

Digital tools have long been part of our engagement process giving us the ability to reach audiences who may otherwise not engage and comment – they are nothing short of fantastic. However, they are not the only answer and can’t be used in isolation. Our programmes bring in and combine digital and tradition to make the most of both – much like most of us do in our daily lives.

Find out more about Cratus Engage here.

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Expertise / Planning

Securing your consent

Once an application has been submitted, we don’t rest. We see this as the pivotal moment when there is a shift our focus from consulting on the plans to campaigning to build on existing relationships and mobilise support which has been identified for the scheme.

We use the determination period to engage closely with stakeholders across the board, updating interested parties on the submitted plans and addressing queries all the while highlighting the benefits of the scheme.

We also work together with clients to develop briefing materials, printed, digital and spoken, to be used. To aid this process we can run mock planning committees to test assumptions and understand the types of queries which members of the planning committee may ask – or want to ask.

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