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Building relationships between the public and private sectors

Our Public Affairs service is led by Colm Howard-Lloyd, former Head of Engagement and Research at the London Development Agency where he led on stakeholder engagement for a wide variety of projects including The Thames Gateway, the Mayor’s Economic Development Strategy, and the Crystal Palace Park Masterplan. Drawing on the expertise of a team of advisors who have worked extensively across all tiers of local government, our in-depth experience and knowledge underpins our comprehensive public affairs service.

The reach and influence of local councils is significant, yet their structure and set up can be complex and expensive to penetrate. Cratus can navigate through this on your behalf, cutting through the complexity to where power lies. 

If you’re a private sector organisation looking to increase awareness across the wider sector or reinforce relationships with specific councils, we are uniquely placed to help you achieve your objectives. With strong links across local government, we can support meaningful engagement with decision makers – helping you to deepen your relationships and achieve your business goals.

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Expertise / Public Affairs

Effective engagement to win support

We have an in-depth insight into local government, and will keep you updated on developments in policy, emerging trends, and issues facing the local public sector which could present an opportunity for your organisation. 

Our targeted programme of activity could include:

  • political engagement – including chief executives, local authority leaders, and metro mayors;
  • developing relationships with senior officers within combined authorities, city regions, and local authorities; 
  • networking and engagement activity – delivering public affairs, PR, and operational support at major sector events; 
  • research, political insight & monitoring services; and
  • policy development.
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Expertise / Public Affairs

In-depth political audits

Our Public Affairs Team’s first task will be to undertake a full political audit to test the market. This will include a review of your existing services, previous interactions with the local public sector, and your reputation with local politicians. We will undertake a comprehensive stakeholder mapping exercise, providing insight into the political leadership, the economic and social pressures facing each authority, and the likely interest they will have in your services. 

The audit will establish an evidence base for developing a target list of local authorities. This will inform targeted campaigns focused on those local authorities, offering the best opportunities for you to secure sales.

When the audit is complete, you and your senior management team, alongside our leadership team, can review the outcome and agree a programme of activity to be undertaken either within your organisation, jointly with us, or delivered on your behalf.

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Expertise / Public Affairs

Targeted campaigns

Having undertaken an in-depth political audit, we will develop an integrated and targeted strategy to raise the profile of your organisation and increase support for your objectives. 

Our campaigns incorporate above the line activity, utilising public relations to shape the narrative and strengthen your brand, alongside targeted engagement with key decision makers to secure understanding and empathy.

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