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Happy National Volunteers Week!


This week marks national Volunteers Week, an initiative which says a big thank you to volunteers across the UK through hundreds of events and celebrations. In Cratus Communities we work hand in hand with volunteers on a daily basis as well as volunteering on many projects and events ourselves.

Alongside all the community work we support on our housing developments, Cratus Communities also like to give something back to the local areas that we live in.

Gemma takes a leading role in the Horsley Village Fete, making sure this fantastic event is the place to be in Surrey for one weekend every year.

Katy used to work as an Adviser with Citizens Advice Bureau in Woodley and Wokingham, and recently started to volunteer at her local Rainbows Unit in Berkshire.

Sarah takes a week off work every year to support the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston upon Thames and also dedicates her weekends to volunteering at local community events that happen near her home.

Not only do these mean that we can support activities near us, but we also get real, hands-on experience so we can bring our clients a strong balance of skills and knowledge.

When Cratus Communities start on a project, we identify key individuals and groups that will be fundamental to our success in building cohesive new communities. They then form events committees, and community groups come along to local events to showcase the work they do in the local area and provide activities for communities to engage with.

Our Arborfield Green events committee has now become self sustaining, with members of the local community joining us to organise key events throughout the year. Whilst we still have a supporting and advisory role and help to iron out some of the logistics, it is a real pleasure to see a fantastic bunch of local people take the lead on supporting their community to thrive.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals who support the work we do and build sustainability in communities around the UK.

Happy Volunteers Week!