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Have you a minute Leader?


It’s just with all this returning back to normal, you see,
I wonder if normal was as good as we remember it?
Should we be asking ourselves what the future can be?
The thing is, Leader, should we all sit down and talk first?

We have all respected what you have done in the pandemic,
You have most definitely led from the front
Leader, should we ask the cabinet, your group and, dare I say, the opposition, how they feel?
The council is, after all, the members and we have some rather big challenges to come.

It’s also a concern that all our wonderful staff have not been together for a year.
The way things have kept going is quite remarkable, but can we go on being remote?
We need to talk about the future and that is most definitely harder on Zoom or Teams.
While everyone has handled it the best they could, not everyone has found it easy.

The public have been more resilient than anyone could imagine,
But the wreckage of our local economy is deeper than we first imagined,
Many of our residents have suffered in health and wealth and are under great pressure,
Our corporate plan is simply obsolete and we need to begin again.

The truth is, Leader, I fear we must not assume anything can be the same,
We need to rebuild the corporate culture that binds our officers together,
Our politicians need to agree a new and inspirational vision, not of recovery but more,
Leader, I know you have worked tirelessly for months, but what we need now, is even stronger Leadership.

Can we help you?

Inspired by the Late David Kossoff

Strictly Planning!