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Insect Conservation


Insect Conservation 1

For this latest episode of ‘What Has The Environment Ever Done For Us’, Nick Kilby (Cratus) and Vikki Slade (Leader of BCP Council) are joined by Dave Goulson who is a Professor of Biology of the University of Sussex.

Dave specialises in the ecology and conservation of insects, particularly bumblebees, and has published over 300 scientific articles on the subject.

In this conversation, Dave shines a light on how we can stop the plight of insects and methods that can help maximise the sustainability of food production.

Everyone’s favourite podcast segment, ‘Heroes and Villains’, returns again this month as Nick and Vikki decide who will be celebrated and condemned for their environmental behaviours.

Hosted by Nick Kilby and Vikki Slade,’ What Has The Environment Ever Done For Us’ looks at a range of issues through the lens of the environment and discusses how our decisions from the food we eat to our mode of transportation, impact our environment and the climate. You can listen to previous episodes here.