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Listen: Local Election Preview with Jessica Studdert and Duncan Flynn


In this episode, Nick Kilby and Heather Jameson are joined by two special guests as we look ahead to next week’s Local Elections that are taking place across England.

Nick and Heather are first joined by New Local’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Jessica Studdert, to talk about the upcoming election cycle and what it could mean for the state of national politics. Cratus Group’s Duncan Flynn then joins the conversation to dive into the details regarding specific local authorities and the contests to watch out for.

Hosted by Cratus Group CEO Nick Kilby and the Editor of The MJ, Heather Jameson, the ‘Our World is Local’ podcast is a space to learn about the key figures in local government, highlighting the tremendous work they do for the communities they serve. You can listen to the previous episodes here.

You can listen to the previous episodes ⁠⁠on Spotify here⁠ and wherever else you listen to your podcasts.


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