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Local Elections 2023: Cratus Results Insight


Picture: Philip Churm, LDRS

2023 local election results are streaming in from over 200 local authorities across the country. Cratus is mapping and analysing the results as they come in on our dedicated Cratus Engage elections platform.

If you want to explore the map, it can be accessed here: 

While most councils will not finish counting until later on Friday 5 May, with a little over 60 results declared (as of 11:00) some key trends are emerging.

Most prominently, it appears to have been a difficult set of elections for the Conservatives, with the party losing votes and seats to rivals across the political spectrum. 

From the overnight declarations, the party has lost control of nine councils, including Medway to Labour, and South Gloucestershire, Hertsmere and East Hertfordshire to No Overall Control. 

The party has also been losing dozens of councillors even in places where it retained control, including the longstanding leader of South Holland District Council Lord Gary Porter, who lost out despite the Conservatives maintaining a majority of one seat in the district.

While the full results are still to be declared, it appears the Conservatives are having to face up to the fact that the legacy of the Johnson and Truss premierships has not been swept away by another change of Prime Minister.

For Labour by contrast, party activists have been struggling to keep a lid on their excitement. While it is undoubtedly a significant set of results for the party – with gains of control in Plymouth and Stoke on Trent going alongside the pick-up in Medway – whether the results indicate the party is on course to secure a majority at the next general election remains an open question.

Elsewhere in the country early results have thrown up some surprising outcomes. The Liberal Democrats’ ambition to re-fashion themselves as the primary opposition in the ‘Blue Wall’ continues to pay dividends, with a massive swing to take control of Windsor and Maidenhead in addition to being the biggest party in a number of NOC councils. 

Meanwhile the Green Party remains on course to pick off votes and seats from both Conservatives and other progressive parties – with a surge to become the largest party in East Hertfordshire one of the surprises of the elections so far.



Local Elections 2023: Cratus Results Insight 2



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Local Elections 2023: Cratus Results Insight