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Local Elections – what could they mean for planning at a local level?


What will the results from today’s Local Elections taking place in your area of operation mean for your organisation?

As results come in over the next day or so, what opportunities or challenges could arise for your team if there is a change of administration in local authorities you work with or operate across.

With a large number of councillors standing down or predicted to lose wards, several leadership challenges looking likely, and change expected on a number of planning committees, this period of renewal provides the perfect opportunity for organisations to build relationships with new administrations even where there is no change in political colour.

Cratus is ready to help you understand this upcoming period of flux via a cross-party team that includes current and ex-cabinet members, former leaders, chief executives and senior officers from across local government.

Our impact – understanding the language and context of local government and decision-making is key to reducing commercial and political risk and creating the environment for positive planning approvals and beneficial new communities.

If you would like to find out more about how Cratus can support you please contact Julian Seymour, MD Planning Communication today.

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Local Elections - what could they mean for planning at a local level?