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It’s local government, stupid!


The people have spoken, but Westminster is still trying to work out what they’ve said. This isn’t surprising when, given the Parliamentary arithmetic, the Conservatives won but feel like they lost, and Labour lost but feel like they’ve won.

But whilst Westminster is in limbo, the Queen’s Speech shows the focus is now more on governing rather than legislating, the responsibility to deliver the strong and stable government we heard so much about during the recent electioneering falls to our local councils and Metro Mayors.

Indeed, whilst local government almost by name has more of an impact on their residents’ day to day lives than Westminster ever did, this is even more true now.

It’s up to these Leaders across the country to attract the investment, growth, jobs, housing and infrastructure that their area and regions need. And they need the private sector to help deliver it.

Housing and planning help deliver all of this and with no Housing and Planning Bill mentioned in the Queen’s Speech, the gap between what’s said in Whitehall and the decisions of Planning Committees at Town Halls will continue to exist. And whilst decisions on almost everything else a local authority does are taken by the Cabinet, planning is still the preserve of backbench councillors. Everyone in the industry is a professional, apart from the ultimate decision makers.

It’s because of this fact that we’re encouraging everyone to re-double their efforts to engage meaningfully at an early stage with councils at all levels to find out how you can help them deliver what their local areas need rather than simply presenting a fait accompli to unsuspecting councillors.

Cratus’ world is local and it’s never been more relevant to today’s political geography. We understand how local authorities across the country reach decisions and we would be delighted to help you build and strengthen your ties with the sector because it’s clear that Brexit is the only show in town in Westminster despite a growing and deepening housing crisis.