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London City Airport Pop-Ups


By Communities Team

The Communities team has been running a series of pop-ups on behalf of London City Airport, following on from consultations with local communities, at locations along the London City Airport flightpath, to talk to local residents about the Airport’s proposed plans to expand. We have been to places such as shopping malls, markets, shopping centres and a local festival.

The pop-ups are where we get to talk to people about their experiences of living under the city flightpath, and receive their feedback on the proposed plans. London City Airport is looking to increase the number of flights and destinations available, as well as introducing the use of quieter, larger planes.

Being out amongst the community is one of the best things about being in the Communities team, we always have a story to tell. At one event, Jenny and Imogen were serenaded by a local passer-by who produced a song about London City Airport on the spot and last weekend Morven and James spent the day getting sunburnt while talking to people as they did their weekend shopping. The team have spoken to over 250 people so far and still have four more events to come. 

If you would like to find out more about Cratus Communities, drop Gemma a line. 

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