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London Labour Leaders in renewal?


By Osman Dervish

The Labour Party in London is going through a series of parliamentary candidate selection processes currently and, earlier this week, the Leader of Redbridge Council, was selected in Ilford South. Having triggered the local re-selection process, this resulted in him defeating the incumbent MP Sam Tarry.  

 Cllr. Athwal will most likely stand down as Leader ahead of any General Election. This will result in new leadership in Redbridge and he is not the only experienced Labour council Leader putting their hat into the Parliamentary ring! 

 The list includes Cllr. Darren Rodwell, (Barking & Dagenham) for the Barking constituency; Cllr. Stephen Cowan, (Hammersmith & Fulham) for the North Kensington constituency and Mayor Rokshana Fiaz, (Mayor of Newham), in Stratford and Bow. 

 If they are all successful in their bids to be selected then, assuming they follow Cllr Athwal’s lead in Redbridge, we will see new leadership in these boroughs. 

 Combined with the relatively recent churn of council leaders in London ahead of and at the 2022 Local Elections, the impact of so much change and the resultant loss of experience in the Labour Party in the Capital within a very short period of time will be fascinating to see.  

 Therefore, clients who have an interest in these boroughs should start considering now what these changes could mean for them. Especially in the context of outgoing leaders seeking to secure their legacy hitting the campaign trail to talk about what they have delivered, whilst those with ambitions to be the next leader have one eye on what can be delivered in the early part of their tenure! 

 If you would like to find out more about Cratus in London please contact Osman Dervish or Vanisha Solanki today.   


London Labour Leaders in renewal?