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Manifesto Analysis 2024: Conservatives


After a fortnight of frenzied policy announcements the Conservative Party has today released its manifesto for the General Election. With the polls so wide in Labour’s favour the chances of this manifesto being implemented are infinitesimal.

It’s been clear over the past two weeks that the threat of Reform UK eating into the 2019 Conservative vote is playing heavily on the minds of Tory strategists. This has resulted in a slew of announcements designed to appeal to older people and squeeze the Reform vote. 

The manifesto adds to this with a broader appeal to the nation. It is surely too late to shift the dial but there is some policy meat in this pitch to the electorate. The following summary gives a sense of what the Prime Minister would like to do if he were given the honour of another term and what the Conservative Party thinks still needs doing after fourteen years in government. 

Analysis of the Conservative Party’s main pledges can be downloaded in our latest report below.

If you have any questions about the Conservative Party’s pledges, or the general election more broadly, please get in touch with [email protected].

As part of our General Election coverage Cratus Group will be summarising key policy commitments and political priorities of each of the major parties as we draw closer to July 4th.

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