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Meet the Leader – Cllr Dan Swords


In this latest episode of Meet the Leader, Nick is joined by the new Leader of Harlow District Council and the youngest council leader in the country, Councillor Dan Swords.

During this episode, Cllr Swords sets out his vision for the next municipal year, ahead of Harlow’s all-out elections in 2024, while crediting some of the trailblazers within local government who have inspired him along the way.

Cllr Swords also discusses his unique journey into local government, and looks back at the progress made in regenerating Harlow’s town centre during his previous role as Cabinet Member for Regeneration. The pair also take a look at the complex relationship that exists between officers and members, and the importance of having a strong, cohesive group on the council.

Meet the Leader - Cllr Dan Swords