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Meet the Leader with Cllr Joe Harris


For this latest episode of Meet the Leader, Nick Kilby (Cratus) is joined by the Leader of Cotswold District Council, Councillor Joe Harris.

During this conversation, Cllr Harris talks to Nick about his inspirational journey in local government which began with him being first elected at the age of 18, and subsequently becoming the youngest Mayor in the country at just 20 years old.

Fast forward to today, Cllr Harris is the Leader of the first-ever Liberal Democrat administration in the councils history, and also serves as a county councillor and as Leader of the LGA Liberal Democrats group. Having already spent 12 years representing the people in his community, Cllr Harris also casts an eye forward to what the future may look like for him after his time on the council comes to an end.

Hosted by Cratus CEO Nick Kilby, The Meet the Leader podcast is a space to learn about the leaders in local government, highlighting the tremendous work they do for the communities they serve. You can listen to the previous episodes here.