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Meet the Leader with Cllr Vince Maple


For this latest episode of Meet the Leader, Nick Kilby is joined by Councillor Vince Maple who was elected as the new Leader of Medway Council in May. Labour took control of Medway Council for the first time since 1998, and Cllr Maple had led the party in opposition for 11 years before taking control this year.

During this conversation, the pair discuss Cllr Maple’s journey into politics which began as a public transport-loving, Labour-representing nine-year-old and saw him gain experience through roles within the Department of Work and Pensions and the Home Office. We also find out whether or not the iconic election night clip of a victorious Cllr Maple running to his team was staged or not.

Hosted by Cratus CEO Nick Kilby, The Meet the Leader podcast is a space to learn about the leaders in local government, highlighting the tremendous work they do for the communities they serve. You can listen to the previous episodes here.

Meet the Leader with Cllr Vince Maple