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Election 2024: Election priorities and the battle for Net Zero

07.09.23 | Written by Jenny Riddell Carpenter

Cratus’ latest report – “Election 2024 – election priorities and the battle for Net Zero” – which considers the electorate’s current political priorities, and how well-aligned the main parties are with these issues.

Our research, which polled 2,000 UK adults and was carried out by Focaldata on behalf of Cratus, takes a deep dive into Net Zero, considering how both Labour and the Conservatives are positioned on the environment, and examining the challenges of balancing the economic priorities of the UK with the need to deliver Net Zero.

The findings of the report will be good news for Rishi Sunak, as he attempts to strike a deal with backbench Conservative MPs to reverse the current ban on developing onshore wind farms. If successful, this deal would likely prove popular amongst voters, as it topped the charts as the most popular policy amongst the 2,000 adults polled when asked which policies they would favour most in order to deliver Net Zero.

This report is part of Cratus’ wider General Election insights and research work, ahead of the 2024 election. If you’re interested in finding out more about what a change in Government could mean for your organisation, we’re hosting webinars and learning sessions for clients and contacts across the UK – please do get in touch to hear more.


New Report release: Election 2024: Election priorities and the battle for Net Zero