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New student accommodation in South West London


Cratus have helped secure political support for the development of stage 1 of a student accommodation development in Kingston upon Thames.

Mary Graham, Cratus Director, said:

“There is no doubt that good communication with elected members is vital to securing support for a project such as this. Many myths grow around planning applications and clear communication is vital. Despite the possible effect’s of rising student fees the reality is that we need to provide good quality, well designed, accommodation for students – this scheme does this but also starts the regeneration of an area of Kingston that needs tidying up.”

The proposals have been designed by the award winning practice, PRC, who have made many contributions to improving the street scene of the borough and will help to address the current shortfall of 2, 500 managed residential units for Kingston University students whilst potentially freeing up valuable family accommodation.

The building will have a high level of sustainability, equivalent to the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and will incorporate many new technologies. The applicants have agreed with your officers that a further report using the BREEAM Multi-Residential methodology will be used to assess the performance of the development and will be secured by condition.

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