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Open letter to Robert Jenrick – ‘Planning for the Future’


‘Joining the dots’ and unlocking discussions between the public, private and third sector is the essence of Cratus’ work and underpins our guiding principle, “Our World is Local”. Here at Cratus we want consultation to be enshrined in a way that is deliverable, because it matters – to communities, to the timely delivery of quality development and to the creation of enduring places. So, in response to the ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper consultation we have written an open letter to Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government, to convey a selection of our thoughts around the importance of local engagement, but also the potential for unintended consequences to arise from Government’s strategy. The letter is not the entirety or full depth of our thinking on each element of Planning for the Future, but it highlights some of the themes that are especially relevant to the discussions that we are facilitating across the built environment and local government sectors.

You can read our letter here.

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Open letter to Robert Jenrick - 'Planning for the Future'