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Our World is Local: Joint Council Collaboration with Jonathan Stephenson


In this latest episode of Our World is Local, our hosts Nick Kilby (Cratus Group) and Heather Jameson (The MJ) are joined by Jonathan Stephenson, Chief Executive at Brentwood Borough Council and Rochford District Council.

During the discussion, Jonathan talks about the unique challenge of managing two councils that are not conjoined by a geographical border, and his own experience of election day dramas at the polling stations.

Jonathan then goes on to talk about the advent of the Public Sector Challenge, his charity fundraising initiative which has raised over £60,000 for Cancer Research UK – and returns this September with over 500 participants and partners from across the public, private and local government sector who will take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

To learn more about the Public Sector Challenge, you can visit

Hosted by Cratus Group CEO Nick Kilby and the Editor of The MJ, Heather Jameson, the ‘Our World is Local’ podcast is a space to learn about the key figures in local government, highlighting the tremendous work they do for the communities they serve. You can listen to the previous episodes here.

You can listen to the previous episodes ⁠⁠on Spotify here⁠ and wherever else you listen to your podcasts.

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