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Planning is Political!


Anyone who tries to argue otherwise has either been very lucky in dealing with it or misunderstood the process.

Having a report that outlines who the local politicians and community groups are and their interests and spheres of influence is invaluable when beginning a project. This will give you a clear grasp on the political situation of an area and inform how to approach not only local decision makers but also the communities that elect them.

At Cratus, we prepare bespoke reports to help act as a road map through the complex and nuanced relationships that exist in local communities all over the country.

We begin with research into key local decision makers both in and outside the local council to understand their motivations and aspirations. Here we study a wide variety of local sources of information including local newspapers, campaign literature, residents’ association and civic society newsletters and websites, community blogs, Twitter and Facebook groups and build a picture of how the local community interacts, and where crucial links exist between the community and their elected officials.

Once this information has been collected, our team analyse and map out the findings in a clear report format that can then act as a key reference document throughout the life of a project.

But we all know that situations can evolve and change, especially in the world of politics, with re-shuffles, by-elections and regular election cycles affecting the local political situation. Cratus can monitor and forecast how they may affect you, help you plan for differing scenarios and and advise you on how best to respond.

Throughout the process you will be able to draw upon the collective experience of our team, many of whom have served as councillors and are therefore able to provide meaningful insight.

Our aim is to not only to provide you with the most relevant and up to date political information, but also provide you with the best possible advice to help you navigate your way through the always political planning process.