Planning Review

Planning Review

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Planning Review

At Cratus we have a team of experts who have in-depth understanding and insight into local government planning services. Delivering homes through local plan policies is a cornerstone for councils across the country and our support can enable you to deliver on your priorities.

Conducting a planning review allows you to gain an understanding of how your service is currently performing and how it can be improved.

Our comprehensive review will cover:

  • Governance and operations of Planning Committee
  • The life cycle of an application
  • Officer member relationships
  • Procedures and protocols
  • Corporate structure
  • Organisational culture

Throughout the review process, we engage with a cross-section of planning officers, planning committee members, and stakeholders, enabling them to speak freely and confidentially. Once we have conducted all our information gathering, we will then produce an in-depth report based on our findings and present it back to the Leadership of the Council. The recommendations may include changes to management structure, ideas on how to optimise processes and performance, and advice on improving internal communications and culture. Following the review, we can continue to support you to implement agreed recommendations, working with officers and members to improve performance and service delivery.

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