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Political Top Trumps


With only six days left until votes are counted, Cratus colleagues can start trading Top Trump “Forming a New Cabinet and Government” cards. Excitement has certainly risen at Cratus HQ on the final Friday before polling day. There’s nothing quite like a reshuffle to provoke lively debate on a variety of issues and Westminster characters. Not that the Cratus team needs a reshuffle for us to dissect and debate opinions amongst our peers.

And just as Cratus colleagues continue to ask the difficult questions on behalf of the public, private and third sectors and negotiate the political nuances of local government, in the final few days of door-knocking and political campaigning, local communities must ask their prospective parliamentary candidates what they will do to ensure greater powers are devolved to the people who know what’s best for their regions – to constituents, community councillors and parish, town and county councils across the UK.

As we await the final tally of votes a week from today, the private sector must too take note and recognise that whatever the outcome they will need to nurture long-term relationships with the public sector if they are to play a part in delivering public services several years into the future.

Understanding both public and private positioning is second nature to Cratus and with May’s local elections, June’s general election and the commencement of the Brexit negotiations timetable in the same month, as well as the political dawn of a possible second Scottish independence referendum  there has never been a more important time or greater opportunity for the private and public sectors to look at building genuine, meaningful and long-term partnerships that can strengthen local economies and communities and the daily services on which everyone relies.