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Silent Majority shouted down in local planning


New research carried out by Com Res has confirmed what many consultation professionals have always known – that the shouty people almost always grab the headlines when it comes to planning applications.

It is common to find that supporters of an application for say a wind farm, supermarket or new housing development feel intimidated by the objectors who are often aggressive and totally dismissive of any alternative viewpoint. There can be an element of class war sneaking into these disagreements with the objectors often being a well-educated, well-funded, well-connected, media savvy minority.

The silent majority need to be nurtured and assisted in making their views heard and this is the principle role of consultation – a role that Cratus take very seriously. Whilst a robust consultation programme may appear an extravagant expense to a client it is often a crucial component of persuading members that their support for a controversial application represents the views and best interests of those who live and work sometimes not only in their borough but nationally as well.

Cratus welcomes the research which clearly supports the work we do to bring alternate views to the attention of elected members and assist them in making informed decisions.

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