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Staff Spotlight with Lucy Ross-Millar, Account Manager – Cratus Communities


Staff Spotlight with Lucy Ross-Millar, Account Manager - Cratus CommunitiesWhat is your role at Cratus?

I joined Cratus as an Account Manager in the Communities team. I am responsible for community engagement and writing copy across a range of schemes, designed to showcase clients’ key milestones. I support the Communities team by engaging with residents’ groups, addressing their key concerns and providing updates. The Communities team brings enormous value to Cratus and provides cohesion to communities going through change and development. I am motivated by telling stories and getting to know what makes people tick.

I create engaging and high quality communications materials for clients, from campaigns and press releases to case studies and social media content. I also provide communications support to clients and host innovative events designed to increase resident engagement.

Tell us a bit about your background?

I started out as a Senior Reporter for the Cambridge News and as Communications and PR Officer for the Society of Editors. I am passionate about networking and building relationships. I enjoy the challenge of providing a voice for those who do not feel heard.

I gained extensive community engagement experience as a Marketing Executive for an environmental charity, and worked for a communications consultancy in Bristol before joining Cratus. I have also worked as a yoga teacher and travelled extensively. I have volunteered in primary schools and taught English to children in Vietnam.

What’s your top tip for engaging with communities?

The Communities team has a great culture and builds strong partnerships with both clients and residents. Engaging with local communities is all about being accessible and offering empathy and interest where needed. Communities need to feel heard and connected. Quality communication offers residents the chance to feel supported and updated on matters that are most important to them. The Communities team is supportive and fun.

Staff Spotlight with Lucy Ross-Millar, Account Manager - Cratus Communities 2