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Watch: Steve Quartermain In Conversation With Jennie Daly


Words by Nick Kilby

As our nation went into lockdown in March 2020, so began the “retirement” of our then Chief Planner, Steve Quartermain CBE, and in these most unusual circumstances Cratus’s association with him started. 

During the last three years, Steve has given valuable advice to colleagues on matters such as wearing socks in bed and has advised clients on the reconfiguration of their planning teams to achieve improved delivery of planning decisions. 

With Cratus, he has created a wonderful series of webinars, “In Conversation With”, in which he has explored the planning issues of the day with a glittering cast of leading names in the sector with whom he has not shied away from the controversial questions.

Steve has shared his love of planning and all things local with us, and as his time at Cratus comes to an end, allowing him to focus on new challenges in the planning process, we would like to share his final “In Conversation With” webinar with you. 

Thank you Steve for your friendship, support and enthusing of all of us for being a positive participant in delivering good planning!

Here is Steve Quartermain in Conservation with Jennie Daly, CEO of Taylor Wimpey

Steve Quartermain In Conversation With Jennie Daly 1